Our Services

  • Networking
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Solar & Inverter
  • Software Development
  • Internet Services


Now you count on a single source to help ensure your physical and wireless layer infrastructure which supports your network and ultimately, your business goals.

First, we understand your network requirements and develop a plan including recommendations for wiring, cable type, wireless and performance.

Next, following standards, code requirements and fire regulations, we complete the installation using our own engineers.

Finally, we provide cable and radio management, testing, documentation and warranty to complete the solution. Our field service technicians have met rigorous requirements to earn certifications for the design and installation of networking to industrial standards.

Structured Network Services include:

Structured network cabling for voice, data, video
Networking Via wireless
City Wifi Solution
Services for both existing site renovation and new construction
Planning and design for physical layer including consulting,project management and cabling standards development
Telecommunications room and data center design and build-out
Wall mount and freestanding cabinets and racks, cable tray and raceways, patch cords, patch panels, and termination blocks
Ongoing maintenance and support
Certification and qualitative testing
Moves, adds and changes

Security and Surveillance

Dubatein’s Security & Surveillance product line delivers high performance, IP-based and Cloud-capable intelligent systems that take away complexity from customers thanks to optimal computing, future proof design and minimized configuration steps. Dubatein brings state-of-the-art security and surveillance technologies to customers, so they can focus on their core competencies.

Dubatein’s Security & Surveillance portfolio delivers multiple security functions that include

• Vehicle license plates recognition
• Biometric & Access Control: face mapping, people and vehicles detection and tracking, and in general the intelligent association of permission rights and people or vehicles identification, to enhance indoors and outdoors security. Typical applications are access control in high-risk areas, territory control, access automation, toll collection systems, monitoring of public and private infrastructures
• Video Surveillance
• Alarm and Sensors: Fire and smoke, Burglary, Motion detection
• Parameter fencing Security

with high performance hardware coupled with cutting-edge image analysis software, Dubatein’s Security & Surveillance systems deliver fast data processing and accurate recognition for high-end efficiency and reliability. Access to images, data or video can be provided on traditional IT infrastructures or on Dubatein’s Cloud Platform, streamlining the build up of distributed architectures of any sophistication and complexity. By enabling multiple concurrent users, Dubatein solutions are ideal for delocalized structures and territory control.

Solar and Inverter

Dubatein PV inverter solutions enable investors to exceed their investment performance expectations through high yield inverter systems. When you select a Dubatein solar energy system for your home or Office you get more than the most powerful solar panels on the planet. Dubatein offers a complete solar energy solution, from highest-efficiency solar panels and inverters to mounting system and energy monitoring. Because Dubatein controls the entire manufacturing process, we can ensure that the highest quality, best-looking solar panels reach your rooftop and produce the most energy for years to come.

Our inverters/UPS ranges from 500VA – 30KVA and Panels from 50Watts – 300Watts

Software Development

Dubatein have Professionals who specializes on web and software engineering solutions that improve our clients’ business processes. We bring exceptional consulting expertise to every project and provide complementary capabilities in business process consulting, project management, and software quality management.

Our firm was established on the principles of building relationships, enriching communication, and investing in our personnel. We make a profound commitment to the success of our clients.

The firm offers the following core professional services within the framework of rigorous project and quality management processes to promote successful projects and positive client relationships:

• Web Development
• Interactive Design
• Web Video Streaming
• Portal and Collaboration
• Desktop and web Application
• Engage and Convert Your Audience
• Mobile Web Solutions

Internet Service Solutions

Dubatein Internet system offers a broad range of user selectable high-speed Internet services to meet residential home user or home office requirements including SME/large enterprises as well as government agencies. Dubatein is a service provider that has the unique ability to offer scalable Internet packages that can be configured to meet any bandwidth requirements on

• Satellite Service “Ku Band and C band”
• Radio Link “On License or free frequencies”
• Wifi
• Fiber to Home

Dubatein Limited has partnered with a number of satellite and fiber Internet service providers in order to better serve the needs of the customers. We will work with you to create a complete package that perfectly suits your specific individual or enterprise needs. We deliver enterprise and consumer solutions with unmatched performance and flexibility, backed by world-class training and 24/7 technical support.

Whatever your needs may be, Dubatein can get you connected anywhere within Nigeria and around the West Africa